Bài kiểm tra cuối khóa tại Phát Âm Hay – Phan Ngọc Bích Trâm

Bài kiểm tra cuối khóa của Phan Ngọc Bích Trâm sau khi hoàn thành khóa học Standard Pronunciation tại Phát Âm Hay

Script: Here’s today’s question how to set goals for the new year, asked by all of you. We are getting close to that new year, new me phase. People always go through until they inevitably fall back into the same routine. What better way to help our community than by giving a few pointers on how to make the impact to last longer and who knows maybe you’ll even hit some of the goals this year. The biggest reason why people fail to meet their goals is because they overestimate what they are capable of achieving in one year but underestimate what they can do in five years. It’s a mistake almost all newbies make. They set a goal so tremendous that they know it’s impossible to achieve even when they’re setting it. People set goals, like I will make 1 million dollars next year when last year they only brought in 50k.

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